Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along & Pottery Update

As always, I’m knitting along with Ginny on Small Things on Wednesdays.  I feel like I’ve been trying hard not to talk about knitting too much here (it’s why I started, and as a result I have a lot of knitting to share this week.

My hat for Japan is done; it’s a variation on my Toddler Earflap Hat but it’s knit in the round.  I’ll share the pattern here next week. (Did I say the same thing last week?  I’m so sorry for the delay!)  The blue baby cardigan is for a local family in need; I’ll have it made up in time to hand it off to my friend to give to her church’s mission.  The pink garter stitch is another baby cardigan for another family—knitting for charity is addicting, and the super simple pattern they want me to use is perfect for when I can’t focus on something more difficult pattern.

And I’m halfway done with my May socks—you can read more about ‘em here.  Aren’t they so awesomely tall?  And like a madwoman, I ordered more yarn today for a Baby Surprise Jacket for Nathan for the knit along on In the Heart of My Home, and more sock yarn, of course. Gotta stay stocked up for my self-imposed sock of the month club!  Now I’m good until September, I think.

I finished reading the Friday Night Knitting Club (it was good!) and am back on Oprah’s biography.  Both are worthy reads!

And now for the latest thing to bring me delight (other than my beautiful son) – POTTERY!  I got a few pieces back from the kiln at tonight’s class and they came out so good. 

The vase is a little lean-y but the way the glaze fired on the plate makes up for it.  I love my new craft and already regret that there’s only one glass left in the series.  I hope my yarn arrives soon, because I’m making ceramic buttons for Nathan’s Baby Surprise Jacket and I want to bring the yarn in with me next week to pick matching glazes.

Until next week, good knitting,


  1. Beautiful! It always felt a little like Christmas on the days, in the two pottery class I took, that our finished pieces came back from the kiln!

  2. Those May socks are fabulous! I LOVE the vibrant happy colours. Your beautiful and prolific knits are inspiring.

    And pottery too! You are full-on creative :-)

  3. Love-love-love your May sock(s)! So bright and cheerful and stripey. :)

    Your pottery is beautiful as well. You're inspiring me; now I have to find a class around here (and the time to take it)... xo

  4. Love all your works-in-progress, especially the color of your socks!

    I love your pottery, too!

    I used to love going to ceramics with my sisters, but alas, our studio closed down. I wish I could find a studio closer to home.

  5. Wow, you have been so busy. Love what you have knitted and those socks are fantastic. Love your pottery pieces too. The green is so lush and the vine pattern is gorgeous. I can picture a lovely bouquet of flowers in your vase. Jacinta

  6. Wow, the pottery is gorgeous and you have been knitting productive! You go, girl! You can never have too much chocolate or too much yarn ...


  7. You're making your own ceramic buttons for the BSJ? LOVE that!

    And, wow, yes indeed that plate turned out gorgeous!

    Best wishes, Kara

  8. Wow! I really like your pottery, very pretty. I am still a fan of those bright colored long socks :D

  9. Lovin' that vine pattern on the plate, so pretty!

  10. The pottery is wonderful! I love the vase!

  11. What a beautiful plate! Pottery is one of those things I've always wanted to learn ... instead I write stories with characters who do it. :)

  12. Love the plate. You should find another class or book studio time.

  13. That plate is absolutely fantastic!


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