Sunday, May 22, 2011

All that Rain was Good for Something

All the rain we had last week—and there was a lot of it, about 3 ½ inches according to my rain gauge—was good for something. 

For one, everything’s gotten a lot greener.

My vegetable plants are growing quickly, even though it’s been too rainy to get them in the ground.

It has certainly made me appreciate the sun more, which we thankfully had a lot of on Friday and Saturday.  The blue skies and puffy white clouds were almost too much to take!

This weekend we…

tested out Nathan’s new mom-powered tricycle, which I think is an ingenious invention. I was surprised to find out that I can easily steer the thing with the handle that makes it mom-powered.  Going into it, I really did think we’d be battling over which direction we’re going in or careening into the fence after every few steps.  But it has an internal mechanism (the one that puts it in mom-mode) that disengages the handlebars’ steering ability and gives that power to me, the controller of the all-mighty handle.  It was a lot of fun and waaaay better (and more big-boy-ish) than the jogging stroller.

…enjoyed a visit from my husband's family, had fun chasing (and yelling) bubbles and rediscovered the cuteness of overalls all in one moment.

...had fun outside with Nathan's aunties.

…and gave Nathan his first-ever New York bagel, and, true to his Brooklyn roots (through my husband), he loved it.  A boy after his mom’s heart.

I even got to be in a photo.  I exist!  (With my March socks on and everything.)
On Sunday we relaxed and recuperated from my in-laws' weekend visit, kept mostly indoors by misty rain and cooler temps (and no sun whatsoever—total bummer).  I’m hoping to get some gardening done on Monday, before my work week begins.  Those tomatoes and squash aren’t going to plant themselves!


  1. i saw such tricycle with a frnd when i had already bought a regular one for's a nice purchase. nathan looks big in these pics...u both have got a very sweet pic clicked. i too feel the same often that i am not in the its me who is clicking pics all the time....i have always loved these socks and nathan's cardigan is really good.
    have a happy week

  2. He's a cutie! We never had one of those mom-powered trikes. Looks pretty cool. :) Thanks for the visit!


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