Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Knitting Blog

To keep my knitting from dominating this space—and possibly my life—I recently created a new blog dedicated just to knitting.  It’s all. about. knitting.

I’ll still follow Ginny’s Yarn Along here and will try to contain my writing about knitting to just these Wednesday posts.  But on all. about. knitting. I'll delve into the more technical details that are on my mind; I think I'll also post my original patterns there, too.  If I think my paterns interest my readers here, I'll post them on Creating a Family Home, as well—especially if they’re patterns for babies and children.

As I dedicate this space to how I create my family home, I hope you’ll follow my knitting adventures on all. about. knitting.  That's where I’ll share:

  • my self-imposed sock of the month club socks
  • photos of what I’m currently knitting
  • what pattern book(s) I’m knitting from
  • critiques, good points and pitfalls of patterns after I’ve knitted them
  • occassional reviews of knitting books I own and have actually used (unpaid, mind you, I’m doing this for fun (!) and to help other knitters build their knitting libraries) 
  • explanations of some common but complicated-looking techniques (because they’re not that complicated!)
  • my own original patterns
  • photos of finished objects, and more.
I hope you’ll join me.  It’s going to be quite the knitterly ride.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Kelly for letting us know. I look forward to taking a look at it. x


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