Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Along

I have happy feet because my Birds in Flight Socks are done, and they’re so warm and comfortable!  (And even though spring is officially here, I do need them—we’re getting more snow today.)  I released the pattern yesterday—it’s available on Ravelry.

I’m still working on Nathan’s spring cotton cardigan, but I’m not making the progress I should be because I’ve been needle felting cute little things for spring.  But more on that some other time.  The cardigan is a fun, easy knit that’s knitting up very quickly considering the sport weight gauge (6 sts/in).  And the pattern still remains nameless.  Any suggestions?
The color doesn't look as nice in this lighting.

I’m still reading Oprah’s unauthorized biography when I make the time to read—and it keeps getting better and better.  Kitty Kelly’s writing is actually pretty good and I find myself in awe of the amount of research she had to do—and TV show transcripts she had to pore over—in order to tell the whole story.  It’s actually getting in the way of me enjoying the book.  (I’m a writer by profession and hobby and can’t seem to detach myself from written words, or any words, really.  I can’t read something without noticing typos or grammatical errors—without trying, I swear, and my husband doesn’t believe I’m not trying—and if the writing is good, I can’t seem to read it without evaluating why it’s good.  It’s frustrating, and I think I have a previous employer to thank for that last part.  But the typo-noticing thing is all my fault.  I think it’s who I am.)

As always, on Wednesdays I’m knitting along with Ginny of Small Things.

More good knitting,


  1. Look at those socks!! They are beautiful - especially in that lovely blue.

    Er, I wish I was a little better at noticing typos!

  2. I love that green yarn - it's a beautiful shade.

    I hate finding typos in books. Isn't that what editors are for? I always think I should write to the publisher in the hope that I get a free book! x

  3. I love the color of your yarn. Green is the color the spring.

  4. I love the cardi! I am using your toddler sock pattern right now for my very first pair of socks!

    I notice typos, too, but I forgive them. I find glaring grammatical errors difficult to stomach, but the misuse of words is a pet peeve. Don't you hate someone saying "literally" when he/she really means "figuratively"? As in, "I literally hit the ceiling when I heard the news." Ugh!

  5. Love the socks and the cardi!! Glad to hear Oprah's bio is getting better!

  6. The socks look great. I love the spring green. very pretty!

  7. I enjoyed visiting today as part of Yarn Along. I liked your sock container tutorial. Lovely socks, too!

  8. The socks are beautiful and I really like the color and pattern for the cardigan. Very pretty.

  9. Love the socks ... something I haven't done yet, but will!!!

  10. I love what you said about words, because honestly, what I noticed about your post -- other than the sweet knitting! is that you used the word 'pore' correctly!
    That happens so seldom! Usually people 'pour' over papers, etc.! So we are the same ;)

  11. Beautiful socks!

    I'm excellent at noticing typos ... AFTER I've hit publish :-( LOL

    Best wishes!

  12. Beautiful socks! The little sweater is adorable!

  13. I am going to have to find someone to knit me socks... those are beautiful!

  14. Love the socks and the cardigan looks great to me. Can't wait to you share your needle felting.

    Thanks for stopping by today, and yes its socks, but shhh don't tell.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  15. I love reading these comments each week! Thanks for the sincere compliments on the socks and sweater. I hope some of you will try knitting my sock pattern! I'm of the mind that everyone should try knitting socks, at least once. It's rewarding and quite addictive.

    PinkCat, I've often thought about writing to editors and sending them marked up copies of their books and asking for a refund of the purchase price in exchange... but haven't done it -- yet.

    Leila, I'm glad we're the same. : ) I hate glaring grammatical errors even more than typos in published works -- and I look things up when I'm unsure. Like pore, for example! : )

    Thanks, everyone, for visiting today.

  16. Oh those socks!! Love, love, love!

  17. wow, i wished i could knit socks like you! and the colours are great!
    much love, d.


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