Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back from the Brink, Signs of Spring

I’m finally feeling like myself this week after a weeklong battle with a stomach bug that left me exhausted, weak and useless in general. The worst part wasn’t the symptoms, but the inability to function and do the things I normally do for my son and my family. My husband did what he could to pick up the slack and keep things in order, but they just weren’t, and it wasn’t nearly as good as if I’d done them myself. The illness put me in the most foul of moods and brought me down in every way possible, so I’m elated to finally be free of its grasp and feel like myself again.

I had a rejuvenating visit with a friend earlier this week and ventured out for a walk with Nathan yesterday and looked for signs of spring. Sadly, this is all we found:

Green grass coming up in the farmer’s fields in neat little rows

Hey, it’s green, so I’ll take it!

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