Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yarn Along

As always, I’m knitting along with Ginny of small things on Wednesdays.  I’m just a few rows shy of finishing my Birds in Flight Socks.  I should have the pattern posted sometime next week.

I should have had them finished them by now, but I got sidetracked by Nathan’s spring sweater, which doesn’t have a name yet.  Here are the two front panels blocking:

I'm a little meticulous about my knitting if you look at the number of pins I've used.  It would have been easier to just wet the pieces first, but I usually knit with wool and prefer to drape the pieces with a wet tea towel instead of dousing them.  I'll try the dousing method for the rest of the pieces to see if it speeds things along when working with cotton.  Note to self: Measure as you pin, not after.
It's Knit Picks' Simply Cotton Sport in Green Tea Heather and I reeeeeeally love the color.  It’s so springy and it goes with some of his springtime button-down shirts.  I can’t wait to try it on him, but I guess a lot has to happen before then.

I’m still reading Oprah’s unauthorized biography.  (Did I ever mention that I only read a few pages a night before I conk out? This one’s gonna take me a while.)  I’m also reading Amanda Soule’s Handmade Home, even though I don’t yet have a sewing machine or the time to learn how to use one.  I don’t think I could trade in knitting for sewing, since I don’t know how I’ll ever have time for both.  I’m also perusing Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  It contains a pattern for a bunny that would be perfect for Nathan’s Easter basket if I could get it done on time.

And finally, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the wreaths. They’ve been on my mind a lot during the last day or so, and that’s why I put them in the picture.  I made them myself from willow tree branches without a plan in mind.  Half of the willow tree came down in a storm, and the rest is being taken down tomorrow.  My wreath-making career is dead in the water, over almost as soon as it began.  The deer ate all the reachable branches, and I think I’ll be too embarrassed to run down to the tree guys and ask them for the usable branches before they get stuffed into the chipper.  So, I’m saying goodbye to my willow tree now.  How I hate to see him go!  Maybe these wreaths will become photo frames or maybe I’ll include them with my seasonal decorations.  Any ideas out there?  I feel like they’re the last of an era—maybe they’ll just sit on my craft table for a while longer.

Good knitting,


  1. The sweater looks so lovely - the green really is beautiful and I love those cables!
    I've enjoyed Itty-Bitty Toys and Handmade Home, a lot! Those wreathes are great - although I have no genius ideas for them, I love them as they are.

  2. I also just recieved "the handmade home" and I loved it!

  3. Oh - so sorry to hear about the fate of your willow tree. Here in Latvia, they make wreaths out of lots of different branches including birch and linden, I think. Do you have any of those around?
    The green looks soooo springy! I'm dying to see more of that color around here soon... (Snow is still piled high.)

  4. I love Oprah and haven't thought yet to read her biography, maybe I'm worried that if its not an autobiography they might say mean things and I prefer to think of her as some sort saint. I've got Handmade Home too, but I prefer her first book, The Creative Family, it wont stop me buying her next book too though.

    Your knitting looks lovely and I think I know what I'll use as a blocking board now if I ever need one, thanks!

  5. I love your sweater. I have not tried cables yet, but plan to this year. Sorry to hear about your tree. My weeping willow is one of my favorites. It was given to me when my dad passed away fourteen years ago. The wreaths are a wonderful idea.

  6. My gosh, how funny! I have a sweater vest and an Amanda Soule book in my post too...great minds?!?!?!

  7. sweet vest! I saw on Martha how she soaked and shaped the wreaths to make them more egg shaped and then put moss and woodland creatures on them for decoration. http://www.marthastewart.com/article/spring-grapevine-wreath

  8. Wow, what a beautiful vest! Willow makes a great base for May Day crowns, you just insert flowers and leaves into the twisted part and pop it on the head. How about a wreath with items from nature that change through the year? Sorry about the loss of your tree.

  9. I have thought a lot about sewing lately too, and wonder if I could do both. So far knitting prevails with a queue to follow, so no sewing yet. I have to buy Amanda's book, but have seen it a couple times today. Maybe it is time...

  10. I love the sock pattern you're creating. The stitch pattern, especially the little diamonds between the eyelets, is very interesting. Your wreaths are pretty too. Maybe decorate each one seasonally? I know I want to make myself a seashell wreath for the summer.

  11. If you aren't feeling the love for the wreaths right now, you could soak them, unwind and weave into a rustic basket instead.

  12. Thanks, everyone, for your comments on the socks and your great wreath ideas. Seasonal decorating is always on my mind, so it seems like we're all on the same page!

    A seasonal idea for one of the wreaths came to me last night, so I'll share it soon.

    Thanks for visiting!


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