Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Sweaters

I love these little sweater ornaments so much I can hardly stand it! I was so excited to hang them on my winter sticks that I didn’t even bother blocking them, which they do need. They’re the first things to catch my eye when I come out of my bedroom in the morning; together they’re a bright, cheery addition to my family room, and my favorite winter decorations.

I have a fourth little sweater in the works, but got sidetracked by some other projects lately and put it down. I’ll take the sweaters down when winter is over, and will decorate our little tabletop Christmas tree with them next year. Hopefully I’ll continue to knit more throughout the year so I have a bunch more to hang on my winter sticks next winter after the Christmas decorations come down. No one said these ornaments are meant for Christmas only! They’re just so cute.

I knitted them from Knit Picks Let it Snow ornament collection, and made the little hangers from heavy gauge aluminum florist’s wire (it’s very soft and flexible). They were so easy to make, and way nicer to look at than simply forming a loop with yarn.

I’m still decorating for winter (and trying very hard not to think about spring), so stay tuned for more!


  1. Where can I find these sweater patterns!? Do you think they would fit Barbie dolls? My girls would flip!

  2. Hallie, it was a kit from Knit Picks, called Snow Day Ornament collection. It doesn't look as though the kit is up on the website anymore, but here's their blog post about it:

    Maybe you can still order it or maybe they'll sell you just the pattern if you all them.

    I'm not sure if they'd fit barbie dolls -- although the size is close, maybe they're a little on the big side -- I don't think Barbie's gargantuan cranium would fit through the head hole without some serious adjusting. But I'm sure it's possible!

  3. Love those tiny sweaters :-) !



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