Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Forgot to Mention…

I accidentally left out some important information from yesterday’s Yarn Along. The mittens are indeed Spilly Jane’s Cupcake Mittens—good eye, Steph!

The other little thing in my Yarn Along photo is the beginnings of an Easter egg, a pattern I’ve created myself. Here’s the almost-finished product:

I really like how it’s life-sized. It’s knit in fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles. The egg can be made at a bigger gauge, but it’ll become bigger than a real egg. I’ll post the free pattern next week, so check back soon!

Finally, the green swatch is Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport in Green Tea Heather for Nathan’s spring sweater, which will also be an original design. I added this originally left-out tidbit about halfway through the day, and wonder why no one asked, “Hey, what’s that swatch about?” because the irrelevant photo was just hanging there.

I can’t wait to start designing this simple cardigan (the cotton knits up so nicely!), but I’m making myself wait until I’ve finished the Cupcake Mittens and fleshed out my March socks, an original design that I started charting and writing out last night.

Happy Knitting,

1 comment:

  1. yay for the egg pattern!!!!!!!!!
    i am knitting for trinity church's child abuse prevention group that they sponsor
    :) they're requesting blue child scarves:)


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