Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn Along & Original Patterns

The past week has been a confusing time.  I have so many projects on the needles and so many original ideas swirling around in my head that it’s almost impossible to think straight.  In fact, I had so many new ideas that I had to stop casting them on and start writing them down. 

I scribbled down descriptions, including gauge, type and colors of yarn and styling, and drew rudimentary sketches in to-do list notebook.  How I wish I had a sketchpad and some colored pencils!

I recently dreamed up patterns for several hats, two pairs of mittens and socks—and I can’t wait to knit them and share them here on Creating a Family Home.  My first pattern, published here back in November, is now on Ravelry for free downloading.

These ‘intrusive’ knits are great inspiration, but are also getting in the way of a gift I want to be knitting right now.  Below are one of my little sweaters from Knit Picks’ Let it Snow ornament collection, the beginnings of an original earflap hat for Nathan and an original Ribbon Snake Scarf.  When it rains, it pours!

I'm still reading the Yarn Harlot's At Knit's End, and recently added The Creative Family and Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule and Making a Family Home by Shannon Honeybloom to the list.

What are you knitting and reading?


  1. I'm so eager for Amanda's new book with her husband, I have the two others as well - there is so much in them, I love them!
    Love the piles of yarn, some really pretty colors there!

  2. Oh how I wish I could write patterns. I have just gotten comfortable making adjustments to patterns, so maybe someday.

    I just love Amanda's books and blog. It was wonderful to meet her at a book signing in Portland. I can't wait for her new book to come out in August.

    Making a Family Home is on my Amazon wish list. I have heard wonderful things about it as well.

  3. beautiful yarn stash! I've read all those books...loads of inspiration to be found in each!
    xo maureen

  4. I adore Amanda's blog but found her book rather dull, maybe when she writes one aimed at teens? lol! I am ahead of her kids age wise since mine is 16 now! Can't wait to see your patterns!

  5. Love your picture of a pile of projects :)


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