Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I’m getting into the holiday spirit a little early this year, so I kinda feel like I lied in my post about a rest between the seasons.  The rest only lasted a few days while I itched to get out my Christmas decorations.  I told myself that I was just going to get the boxes out from the back of my craft room closet and paw through them a little.  That would curb my early lust for Christmas decorating.  Yeah.  Right.
As soon as those boxes made their way out of the closet, they were opened and pinecones and other decorations starting appearing around the house.
My resolve to delay the inevitable really dissipated when I bought a live tabletop Christmas tree from the Giant supermarket for a mere $17.99.  That puppy went up in the family room and got decorated that afternoon as Nathan napped.

This morning we bought our real Christmas tree from a local high school music fundraising group.  It’s a good cause, and they have the best cut trees around.  Maybe when Nathan’s older we’ll go cut down our own tree, but my husband’s really not into it, so, maybe not.

I’m definitely into the holiday spirit now, and it’s about two weeks earlier than usual.  Maybe it’s because Nathan’s here, or maybe it’s because I’m more in tune than ever with the changing of the seasons.  Either way, I’m keeping in mind that Christmas is a religious holiday and separate from my celebration of the season.  After Christmas, I’ll leave up some of the decorations that pass for winter and will scrounge up some other winter-y things to leave out until spring. Yesterday I made a willow wreath and decorated it with real bittersweet; I’ll blog about it when I hang it, after I pack up the Christmas decorations.

Happy Christmas decorating, my friends!

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