Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Much for which to be Thankful

Last year Nathan was born on Thanksgiving, and even though this year his birthday falls the day after, the day he was born will always be on my mind on Thanksgiving. My husband and I have so much to be Thankful for this year – most of all, Nathan. But also our families, our friends, our health and happiness, our jobs and our future together as a growing family.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving so we can be with both sides of the family on this special day. My husband is on call on Thanksgiving, so we spent the last three years eating turkey all by ourselves (and last year, in the maternity wing of the hospital).  So this year it was special to celebrate with both of our families, who don’t get to spend much time together. We enjoyed becoming one bigger family and sharing a meal together on this now incredibly specially day.
My felted leaves table runner and napkin rings were a nice addition to our Thanksgiving table, along with beeswax candles, fall leaf garland on the window, and the flower arrangement, sent by T.J.'s mom.

I wish I’d taken more photos of my family, but I was busy trying to feed Nathan and myself at the same time, and I was hungry!  I scarfed down turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, mashed turnips, carrots, cranberry sauce and gravy – all of it homemade and from scratch.  The food was delicious, and a group effort by the women in our family and my husband, who, despite having to work, found the time and energy to make the best gravy I’d ever had and carve the turkeys.

My husband carves the turkey while Nathan and my brother Mike, also Nathan's Godfather, grin at each other.
I’m especially thankful for my husband, who works an impossibly difficult and trying job so we can raise our family and give our kids a great life on this amazing property. Nathan and I benefit the most from my husband’s hard work – I’m able to work part time from home instead of full time for someone else, so Nathan doesn’t have to go to daycare.  Instead, I have a wonderful babysitter, who I’m also thankful for, and I get to dedicate almost all of my time to being a mom.

I benefit immensely because I’m fulfilling my dream of being a stay-at-home mom, and I get to bring up our son myself, the way we want him to be raised.  I see no way to repay my husband for doing this physically grueling and mentally draining work, and there’s no way to thank him enough.  All I can do is be the best wife I can be, and consciously work to be nicer and better to him…  and, in my estimation, that still won’t be enough.  I wish he could know how grateful I really am.
I took Nathan for a walk this morning, despite how windy it was on the farm. We used the bunting for the first time, and he stayed toasty warm, with some help from a knitted hat, mittens and sweater. Going for walks on the farm is good physical and emotional exercise for me; when I take in the beauty around us I remember how hard my husband works and the freedom he gives up in order for us to live here, and for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I’m the most thankful – and humbled – during this time.


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