Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Major Case of Startitis

With several projects in the works and a craft room full of UFOs, I still have a major case of startitis.  I’m splitting my spare time between my Gallatin Sweater and a pair of socks for Nathan, but all I really want to do is knit socks.  And it doesn’t help that yesterday I shamefully bought this book:
I’m dying to knit up socks as Christmas gifts.  Which means I’ve completely forgotten about my Thanksgiving table runner (which still needs to be embellished and stitched together) and napkin rings (which haven’t even been felted yet).  I swear I’m only finishing projects so I can start new ones—I know I’m not finishing the projects for the projects’ sake.  Here’s hoping I can make it through the weekend without casting on a new pair of socks.



  1. Go ahead! Cast on that new pair of socks! Why can't we be whimsical about what crafts we do and in what order!? love, Beth

  2. Beth -- I love your thoughts on being whimsical when it comes to crafting, and I totally agree! I love starting projects when I feel the urge and when the creativity strikes, and don't usually make myself finish projects I'm losing interest in.

    But I had to put a limit on myself for a few days, just this once... And you'll be happy to know that I just knitted a swatch for a pair of soon-to-be-cast-on socks. : )


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