Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is officially here. [Read: We turned on the heat this morning; I should be knitting.]

In previous years we used to hold out for as long as we could before turning on the heat in the fall.  You know, put on an extra sweater and slippers and stick it out; at least until the end of October.  Oil is expensive, and we were a couple of cheap-asses.  But as temperatures fell last night and our indoor temp reached a chilly 60 degrees, I was longing for warmth.  After all, it’s not just us anymore – we’re in charge of the most important person in our little world.  He’s small and important, and gosh darn it, he likes to be warm.  Plus, a house can’t be a family home if it’s unbearably cold inside.

The sailboat sweater, just after completion.
Nathan was already in bed when I all-too-slowly realized we needed the heat, and getting the furnace started for the first time this season would wake him up.  So we endured the cool temps for one more night, piling on the blankets and layering Nathan up when he woke up to nurse.  The sailboat sweater fit nicely over his jammies and a long-sleeved shirt.

This morning T.J. got the furnace up and running, and now it feels like fall is officially here. The familiar burny smell of the furnace reminds me of late fall, and the rain and darkness outside reinforces that winter is next.  I’d better go knit something warm.

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  1. the sweater looks amazing! we are freeeeezing cold, too.......ahhh


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